Did You Know?
You can invest in Real Estate from your Retirement Accounts Directly Without taking loan, paying penalty, OR tax consequences on withdrawal.

June 26

06:00 pm CST

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What Will You Learn In The Webinar ?
from Madhavi

Tax-Advantaged Investing

Diverse Investment Options

Avoiding Penalties and Fees

Risk Management Strategies

Long-Term Growth Potential

Retirement Planning Integration

Are you having any of these questions?
If so, this webinar is for you!

Are You Maximizing Your Tax Savings?

Explore various tax-saving strategies related to real estate investment within retirement accounts. Discuss how attendees can ensure they are taking full advantage of available tax benefits.

Preparing For Tax Season?

Provide insights into effective tax planning strategies to optimize returns and avoid common pitfalls. Offer tips and advice to help attendees prepare for the upcoming tax season.

Looking To Increase Your Wealth?

Illustrate how real estate investment within retirement accounts can contribute to long-term wealth accumulation. Emphasize the importance of strategic financial planning and investment diversification.

Struggling With High Tax Bills?

Share success stories of individuals who have effectively reduced their tax payments through smart investment strategies. Provide practical guidance on how attendees can implement similar tax-saving strategies.

Want Peace Of Mind?

Offer reassurance and confidence to attendees by showcasing the potential benefits of investing in real estate through retirement accounts. Highlight the expertise of the webinar hosts and their track record in helping individuals save on taxes and achieve financial peace of mind.

who can ensure true benefit
from this webinar?

Current or Future Real Estate Investors

Retirement Account Holders

Taxpayers Seeking to Minimize Liabilities

Financial Planners and Advisors

Business Owners and Self-Employed Individuals

Anyone Interested in Financial Education

Before committing to your next real estate investment, take a moment to reflect:
Could syndication be the key to unlocking greater financial freedom and stability?
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Madhavi Jain

Madhavi, President and Wealth Strategist at Think Outside the Stocks (Top 3% global podcast!), empowers clients to build generational wealth. As a passive investor coach, she uses a two-pronged approach: Efficient Savings: Utilizing Infinite Banking for secure savings. Risk-Managed Investments: Investing in diversified, recession-resistant commercial real estate (multifamily, mobile home parks, etc.) through vetted partnerships. Prior to real estate, she spent 16+ years in IT, and now her mission is clear: change financial trajectory of one family at a time and thousands more to go.
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