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How Does Your Purpose Affect Your Profit – The Go-Giver Way with Bob Burg
In this podcast episode, Madhavi Jain interviews Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek Bestseller author and speaker Bob Burg about the connection between one’s purpose and their profit, using the principles from his book “The Go-Giver.”

How is this connected to Think Outside the Stocks? Throughout the episode, listeners can expect to learn practical strategies for developing a more purpose-driven approach to their life and be encouraged to not let their passion wait around the corner anymore, while continuing in the rat race.

The discussion focuses on the idea that when one approaches their purpose and passion, whether it’s a business or a philanthropy idea, with a focus on providing value and making a positive impact on others. Rather than solely on financial dynamics, they can actually achieve greater financial success by focusing on adding massive value to a massive amount of people, staying authentic, focusing on others first and finally being open the receiving.

Burg shares insights and examples from his own experiences and the experiences of others who have applied the Go-Giver philosophy to their business and personal lives The conversation also delves into the importance of building relationships, giving and receiving, and maintaining a positive mindset in order to achieve both personal and professional fulfillment.

Overall, this episode is a valuable resource for anyone interested in developing a purpose-driven approach to their life, work and exploring how this can positively impact their financial success.

About Bob Burg

Bob is the author of a number of books on sales, marketing, and influence, with total book sales approaching two million copies.

For 30 years, he’s helped companies, sales leaders, and their teams to more effectively communicate their value, sells at higher prices with less resistance, and grow their businesses based on Endless Referrals.

The Go-Giver, a Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek Bestseller, has sold over a million copies. Since its release, it has consistently stayed in the Top 25 on Porchlight’s (formerly 800-CEO-READ) Business Book Bestsellers List. The book has been translated into 30 languages. It was rated #10 on Inc. Magazine’s list of the Most Motivational Books Ever Written and was on HubSpot’s 20 Most Highly Rated Sales Books of All Time.

The American Management Association named Bob one of the 30 Most Influential Leaders, and he was named one of the Top 200 Most Influential Authors in the World by Richtopia.

Bob is an advocate, supporter, and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people one serves.

He is also an unapologetic animal fanatic and served on the Board of Directors of Furry Friends Adoption and Clinic in his town of Jupiter, Florida.

Guest Insight

Bob Burg, renowned for his book "The Go-Giver", discusses how aligning purpose with business or philanthropic efforts can lead to greater financial success.

Value and Impact

Focus on providing significant value and making a positive impact on others rather than just financial gain.

Purpose-Driven Strategy

Learn practical strategies for developing a more purpose-driven approach to life and escaping the rat race.

Authenticity and Giving

Emphasize authenticity, prioritizing others' needs, and being open to receiving, which are central to the Go-Giver philosophy.

Authenticity and Giving

Emphasize authenticity, prioritizing others' needs, and being open to receiving, which are central to the Go-Giver philosophy.

Real-Life Applications

Burg shares examples from his own life and others who have successfully applied the Go-Giver principles to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

Building Relationships

Delve into the importance of nurturing relationships, and the dynamics of giving and receiving in achieving long-term success.

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