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Inflation: Friend or Foe?
Inflation reached a decade high in 2022, and the feds jumped in to rescue the balance in our economy.

As we begin 2023, high-interest rates, inflation, and fear of recession have created a trifecta. The fear has pushed savvy investors on the sidelines, and approximately Three Trillion US dollars are sitting in money market accounts.

Are you Saving and holding your money out too?

Some view inflation as a foe as it can erode the purchasing power of consumers and destabilize markets, but is there a way it could turn into a friend?

Let’s hear from Ben Fraser, with a wealth of knowledge on economic megatrends as your host, Madhavi, engages in a lively and informative conversation with him that covers a range of topics related to inflation, such as the importance of following economic trends, how covid shaped the economy today, and what is the best asset class to invest in right now to get the most out of your investing dollar.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or simply interested in learning more about economics, this episode is sure to provide a very simplified “outside the stocks” insights and perspectives on the topic of inflation and how you can be on the right side of this giant.

About Ben Fraser

Ben Fraser is Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at Aspen Funds. He is also a co-host of the Invest Like a Billionaire™ podcast. Prior to Aspen, Mr. Fraser was a commercial lender at First Business Bank, specializing in government-backed loan originations (SBA & USDA), for one of the top SBA lenders in the nation. Prior to that, he was a commercial credit underwriter for Crossfirst Bank, personally responsible for underwriting over $125MM in C&I and CRE loans across a variety of industries.

Prior to that, he worked for Tortoise Capital Advisors, a boutique asset management firm in energy infrastructure investments, and helped grow their institutional managed accounts from ~$3BN AUM to ~$7BN AUM. Ben was responsible for responding to all institutional RFPs from interested institutional investors.

Ben completed his MBA from Azusa Pacific University, and his B.S. in Finance from the University of Kansas, graduating magna cum laude.

The Economy and Economic Trends

Overview of the current economic landscape and prevailing trends affecting the market.

The Economy vs. The Stock Market

Analysis of how the broader economy and the stock market differ and interact.

Identifying Market Trends

Strategies for recognizing and leveraging market trends in investment decisions.

Impact of COVID on Economy and Investments

Discussion on how the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped economic conditions and investment strategies today.

Inflation Overview

Examination of current inflation rates and their implications for the economy and consumers.

Interest Rates

Insight into current interest rate trends and their impact on borrowing and investing.

Inflation: Friend or Foe?

Debate on whether inflation can be beneficial or detrimental to investors and the general economy.

Smart Debt Management

Best Asset Class to Invest In Right Now

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