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Most busy professionals, especially high-skilled, high-income earning first-generation immigrants, tech professionals and doctors alike, don’t know the ways of the ultra-wealthy in this country. Think Outside the Stocks is a podcast focused on educating you to break out of wall street and w2 barriers, and move towards financial freedom and a life of purpose and passion.

Every week, your host Madhavi Jain, an immigrant from India and ex-IT professional from one of the top 5 consulting firms, will bring you industry experts to educate you on risk-managed passive investments in commercial real estate such as apartments/multifamily, self-storage, senior assisted living, industrial, etc and will focus on an efficient Savings strategy with Infinite Banking as well. She will also bring in a holistic educational approach to grow, preserve, protect, and pass your generational wealth with industry experts in tax, legal, estate planning, life ,protection, and more.

She will ask the right questions and will share with you, how these experts – Think Outside The Stocks so you can draw clues from their success stories and Think Outside the Stock as well.

Episode 16: Don't fall for SHINY Returns in an Investment, Understand the Multi Family Financials

Episode 15: A Real Life Case Study for our Very Successful Deal and Investing Advice for Healthcare Professionals

Episode 14: When Tech meets Real Estate, with The Mad Scientist of Multifamily

Episode 13: Why is America Obsessed by Self Storage

Episode 12: Veena Jetti – “Best Ever” Conversation with A Woman Powerhouse Managing Close To A $1B Portfolio

Episode 11: From $130,000 In Debt To $60M Multifamily Assets: Tim Little's Inspiring Journey

Episode 10: Women in Investing Movement: Just say YES! - with Catherine Bell

Episode 9: De-globalization? Bringing back INDUSTRIAL to US

Episode 8: But What Is The Process To Invest? Short Course 5

Episode 7: Inflation: Friend or Foe?

Episode 6: You don't need Millions to invest in Multi-million worth Real Estate!

Episode 5: Can Real Estate REALLY be PASSIVE?

Episode 4: How Does Your Purpose Affect Your Profit - The Go-Giver Way with Bob Burg

Episode 3: Is Real Estate Right for you?

Episode 2: Why Should You ThinkOutsideTheStocks? Short Course: Active Cashflow with Passive Real Estate Investments

Episode 1: Think Outside The Stocks: Trailer