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A Real Life Case Study for our Very Successful Deal and Investing Advice for Healthcare Professionals
So far, with the Think Outside The Stocks podcast, you heard about how you can invest passively in Commercial Real Estate and set your cash flow on autopilot. But what really happens when the rubber meets the road? In this episode, we will talk about a Real Life Case Study with our strategic partner, Leslie Awasom, Director of Operations and Co-Founder of XSITE Capital Investment LLC.

As a Healthcare professional, Leslie also highlights that despite healthcare jobs being among the highest-paying occupations in the U.S., like any job there is, it doesn’t come with a guarantee that you won’t lose that job when another financial crisis hits and your hard earned money in volatile investments like the stock market can put your retirement at risk.

We talk about passive investing for healthcare professionals with a real-life case study of our first deal together with our guest to discuss:

How we went through 300+ deals to find a needle in the haystack Why we liked this investment.Our Business Plan What actually happened (including FIRE!)How passive investors stayed completely passiveWhy did we exit in 19 months instead of 5 years? How did we hit it out of the park and also save on taxes for our investors?Please note: past performance is not representative of future numbers. The projections and the returns are based on individual property, the market, and several other conditions.

If you want to consider investing with guests on the show, please perform your own through partner and investment due diligence

Who is Leslie?

Leslie is the Director of Operations and Co-founder of XSITE Capital Investment LLC. He manages the company operations, market/data analysis, cash flow, and budget analysis. Leslie bought his first investment property in 2017 and transitioned to multifamily investing in 2019.

Leslie is a also a trained Nurse Anesthetist. who lives in Hanover, Maryland. Leslie and the XSITE Capital team host a rapidly growing multifamily-focused meetup in Maryland, where they provide resources and add value to individuals interested in growing their wealth and changing their financial future.


Dive into a successful deal case study and gain investing advice tailored for healthcare professionals with Leslie Awasom.

Explore Leslie's journey into real estate, discovering how she transitioned into the industry.

Delve into the presented case study, analyzing the property and business plan behind the successful deal.

Learn about the challenges faced during the deal and the projections versus outcomes.

Discover the top three lessons Leslie learned from the experience.

Gain insights into XSite Capital and their growth trajectory.

Receive valuable advice for healthcare professionals interested in passive investing.

Explore Leslie's unique approach to investing and thinking outside the stocks.

Connect with Leslie and explore further resources through the Optimized Life project.

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