Meet Our President

Madhavi lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Peyoosh, sixteen year old daughter Rhea and eleven year old son Sahil.


She brings 16+ years of strong Project Management experience from the IT industry mostly with one of the top 5 consulting firms to Think Outside The Stocks. Her excellent analytical skills, mathematics background, detailed process-oriented approach paired with data mapping and interpreting skills, and out of the box thinking lay a solid foundation for evaluating and reviewing investment opportunities based on tangible parameters.


Madhavi has been investing in real estate since 2016. In a very short period her investment portfolio has grown to Single Family homes, Airbnb rentals and Multifamily investments in Texas’s growing markets in Austin, Georgetown, Leander and Dallas, as well as in St. George, Utah. Her passion is to constantly look for and gain expertise in various passive investment opportunities outside of the stock market and bring these to busy professionals.

Madhavi’s Investment Philosophy

Madhavi is extremely passionate about educating and growing with community by sharing investment knowledge with busy professionals who had been working hard balancing their work and personal family life, just like she did, and wants to help them to make their money work hard for them instead. She believes in living life of choices to focus on true passion and purpose, not based on reasons of financial responsibilities. She encourages sharing of investment knowledge within the community, so as a community we don’t end up making the same mistakes and take advantage of each other’s rich experiences.


She wants to make a difference by bringing solid investment education to women and encourages them to take a leap into investment journey for their financial independence. She believes when you change a woman you change a complete household.


Madhavi also trusts that today’s youth have extraordinary intellectual and financial ability to understand and invest in powerful passive investments; crucial financial knowledge that our educational institutions fail to provide. By understanding and utilizing these tools they can get a head start on passive income and start working on replacing their income to gain financial independence earlier and focus on much larger passions and objectives in their lives.


Our Investment Portfolio Across The US