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Building Real Estate Empires and Thriving in Short-term Rentals with George Salas
Ready to listen to a riveting episode where we catch up with George Salas from Empress Capital, who climbed his way up from humble beginnings as a bartender in Peru to an accomplished investor in the short-term rental market in the US? As an immigrant and now a mentor to many, George brings the heat with anecdotes from his journey and his unique five-step strategy for passive investors to thrive in the short-term rental market. The conversation doesn’t stop at George’s journey. Still, it delves into his unique take on the dynamics of traditional versus short-term rentals, the impact of the pandemic on his portfolio, and the importance of data analysis in selecting winning properties. George’s stories are a poignant reminder of the importance of work-life balance and making the most of every moment. Stay tuned to uncover the untold stories and strategies you’ll need to build generational wealth.

Who is George?

George Salas empowers investors and young entrepreneurs to achieve their real estate goals, He got into Real Estate to change his life, achieve financial freedom, and empower others to do the same. What he loves most about what he does is seeing the relief that his clients experience when they close on a high-equity deal. When he is not working, he loves to play soccer, spend time with his family, and travel back to his home country, Peru.

Real Estate Journey

An exploration of George's path in building his real estate empire.

Short-term Rental Insights

Key strategies and lessons George has learned from investing in short-term rentals.

Property Analysis Strategy

Detailed discussion on George's two-step approach to screening and analyzing potential rental properties.

Risk Management in Rentals

Strategies that George employs to manage risks in rental investing.

Thinking Beyond Stocks

Insights into how George diversifies his investment strategies outside of traditional stocks.

Rapid Fire Questions

Quick, insightful responses from George on various topics.

Connect with Madhavi

How to connect with George

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