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Investment Summary

Value-Add Opportunity

THINK OUTSIDE THE STOCKS alongside RISE48 EQUITY are pleased to bring you our latest offering RISE BLUE RIDGE.


Equity Multiple


Avg. Annual Cash Flow


Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


Average Annual Return (AAR)

Offering Summary

Purchase Price $35,000,000

Equity Raise $18,243,751

Occupancy 95.1%

Hold Period 2-5 Years


Deal Launch : 6/7

Signatures Deadline: 6/18

Funding Deadline: 6/21

Closing: 6/28

Investment Highlights in
Rise Blue Ridge Apartments

Investment highlights

Exceptional Location

Rise Blue Ridge is a B+ class asset located in a B+ submarket of Charlotte, North Carolina. The property is located in the premium East Forest submarket. 7 miles from Wells Fargo East Coast HQ (27,000+ employees) 5 miles from Novant Matthews Hospital (1,400+ employees). 7 miles from Bank of America National Headquarters (16,000+ employees) 8 miles from Duke Energy Headquarters (37,000+ employees)

Value-Add Opportunity

Rise Blue Ridge presents an excellent opportunity to increase the value by renovating 99% of the units (245 units). 31% of the units will be renovated to Rise48's platinum level which includes vinyl plank flooring, stainless-steel appliances, new white cabinet boxes with shaker doors and modern hardware, quartz countertops, subway tile kitchen backsplash, and modern electrical and plumbing fixtures. 68% of units will be renovated to Rise48's high-level scope which includes stainless steel appliances, new vinyl plank flooring, baseboard, and two-tone paint.

Well-maintained Asset

Rise48 performed a full due-diligence and walked every single unit with our contractors and our vertically-integrated management company to ensure that all aspects of the property were inspected. Rise48 have adequately budgeted for any necessary repairs to the roofs, plumbing and capital items

5 Reasons
Why You Should Consider This Investment


Distress Sale with Solid Fundamentals: $12 Million Discount


Excellent Market, Charlotte, NC: 15th Most Popular City In The USA


Rise48: Strategic Partner with Exceptional Track Record

Syndication team is THE backbone of any syndicated investment. In addition to the exceptional ability to source, close, manage and exit an investment, their ability to withstand the challenges matters! With a strong track record, Rise48's position in the current market cycle speaks for itself:


The Fundamentals: Tremendous "Value- Add" Potential

One of the biggest driver in multifamily acquisition, is it's business plan to renovate, increase the rents and hence the value of the property "the value-add", pushing the sale price at exit substantially up.


Managing High Interest Rate Environment

The biggest pressure of current market cycle and difficulty in any real estate transaction is High Interest Rate. Rise48's experience is not just in acquiring an stabilizing assets, but they have also learned tremendously from the fluctuating interest rate environment and have a strategy in place.

nearby employers

Bank of America HQ

National Corporate Headquarters with 16,000+ employees.

Wells Fargo

East Coast HQ in Charlotte, NC with 27,000+ employees

Coca-Cola Consolidated

Largest Coca-Cola bottler in the United States with 16,000+ employees

Lowe’s National HQ

National Corporate Headquarters with 10,000+ employees.

Duke Energy

Fortune 150 company headquartered in Charlotte, NC with over 29,000+ employees nationally

Coca-Cola Consolidated

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC with 850+ employees. 16,000+ employees

Reasons we like Rise 48 (Operator)

Exceptional Track Record: Rise 48 has successfully completed over 50 acquisitions, totaling more than $2 billion in assets. Their strong presence in key markets such as Phoenix, Dallas, and North Carolina showcases their expertise and strategic positioning in these competitive regions.

Rise 48 benefits from vertically integrated operations, encompassing in-house construction and property management teams. This integration ensures tighter project control, boosts efficiency, and enhances overall project execution.
With 11 successful exits, Rise 48 boasts an impressive average equity multiple of 2.1X achieved in just 17 months. Moreover, they have attained a remarkable 70.5% Investor Level IRR, underscoring their ability to deliver substantial returns to investors effectively. **Past Performance is not indicative of the future results with us
Rise 48 Equity sets itself apart with its financial stability, having never necessitated a capital call on any managed assets. This steadfast commitment extends into the future, with no anticipated capital calls for 2024 and beyond, instilling confidence and loyalty among investors.
Rise 48 maintains a streamlined supply chain across multiple markets, ensuring uniformity in materials and costs in Charlotte, Dallas, and Phoenix. Their strategic utilization of a local warehouse in Charlotte supports seamless operations and cost-effectiveness across all locations.

charlotte MSA market facts

strong population growth

Charlotte ranked #5 in the US for population growth from 2021-2022. Charlotte is the 15th most populous city in the United States (US Census Bureau)

rent growth

Charlotte is expected to have positive rent growth of 1.3% in 2024 (Costar).

Top 10: Best Business Tax Climate (US Business News)

Charlotte offers a competitive tax structure and robust incentives for a business-friendly environment

Median Sales Price and Rent

Avg Monthly Mortgage Payment: $2,998
Average rent: $1,533

strong job growth

As of February 2024, Charlotte’s unemployment rate was 3.6%, which is lower than the national unemployment rate of 4.2% (not seasonally adjusted) (US BLS)

strong labor growth

in Charlotte added over 20,500+ new jobs previous year, which represents a 1.5% increase in total jobs in the city (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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Rise Blue Ridge Interior

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