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Beyond the Corporate Ladder: Chad Sutton's Pursuit of Financial Freedom and Purpose
Are you ready to get inspired and motivated to build wealth, be successful and live with purpose? In this episode, we sit down with Chad Sutton, a former NASA engineer who swapped his corporate ladder for a pursuit of financial freedom. From the high-pressure environment of General Electric to becoming the youngest financial-free team member of Quattro Capital, Chad takes us through his extraordinary journey, revealing the strategies he employed to balance a demanding corporate career with real estate investments. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that promises valuable insights on wealth-building and financial freedom. This isn’t just a story about financial success; it’s a story about purpose, philanthropy, and making a difference.

Who is Chad?

Chad Sutton is a real estate investor, business leader and entrepreneur with a proven background in mechanical design engineering, property rehabilitation, variable cost productivity and product management as a science. Known for creative thinking, adaptability, cross-functional team leadership, interpersonal skills, and a commitment to professional excellence.

Chad Sutton

ntroduces Chad Sutton, who transitioned from a high-pressure corporate career at NASA and General Electric to financial freedom through real estate investment. Highlights his background in mechanical design engineering and his role at Quattro Capital.

Motivation for Career Shift

Discusses what drove Chad to leave his corporate job and invest in real estate, focusing on his desire for a more fulfilling and autonomous professional life.

Balancing Corporate and Real Estate Careers

Explores how Chad managed the demands of his corporate responsibilities while building a successful real estate portfolio, sharing strategies for effective time management and prioritization.

Insights into Quattro Capital

Provides an overview of Quattro Capital’s approach to real estate investment, emphasizing its foundational pillars and the team dynamics that contribute to its success.

Investment Philosophy

Details Chad’s investment strategy, which involves thinking beyond traditional stocks to include tangible assets, emphasizing buying assets over speculation for more predictable and stable returns.

Purpose and Philanthropy

Highlights Chad’s focus not only on financial success but also on living with purpose and making a difference through philanthropy.

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