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From CPA to Real Estate Mogul: Mathew Owens' Journey and Investment Strategies
Are you ready to revolutionize your passive investing strategy and confidently navigate the intricate world of real estate? In this episode, host Madhavi Jain engages in a dynamic conversation with real estate expert Mathew Owens. As a former CPA and seasoned investor, Mathew shares invaluable insights into a successful investor’s mindset, risk mitigation strategies, and tax-efficient approaches for passive investors. Have you ever wondered about the critical factors to consider in the current market cycle or how to thoroughly vet operators before making investment decisions? Join us as Mathew delves into multifamily opportunities, the art of calculating risks, and the game-changing tax strategies that can elevate your financial journey. Get ready to think beyond traditional investment avenues and explore the wealth-building potential of real estate with Mathew Owens.

Who is Mathew?

Mathew Owens (Chief Executive Officer) earned his B.A. in economics with emphasis in accounting from University of California, Santa Barbara and has been a certified public accountant since 2002. Mathew bought, renovated and sold or held over 700 single family properties having 10+ years of experience in property management and 15+ years of experience in taxation, auditing and real estate. Mathew is currently buying 5+ single family rental properties per month, acquiring and operating value-add multifamily properties. He is a private lender with over $10M lent in multiple markets across the U.S. and has raised over $75 million in private investor capital. He currently owns over 130 units in Memphis, TN, Atlanta, GA, and St. Louis, MO.

Mathew’s Fun Facts

Interesting and engaging facts about Mathew to better connect with the audience.

Early Syndication Insights

Mathew discusses why he regrets not getting involved in syndication sooner.

Investment Considerations

Highlighting the primary factor to keep in mind when making investment decisions.

Risk Assessment Techniques

How Mathew calculates risk in his real estate deals.

Tax Tips for Investors

Exploring effective tax strategies that benefit passive investors.

Advice for Passive Investors

Mathew shares crucial tips for those interested in passive investment opportunities.

Connect with Madhavi

How to connect with Mathew

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