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From Hotels to Homes: Andrea Foley's Innovative Solutions for Affordable Housing and Wealth Building
Experience a revelation in tackling the housing crunch as Andrea Foley, a maverick in the realm of hotel conversions, joins us to unfold her inventive approach to creating affordable homes. Her journey, from diapers to development, is not just a tale of architectural transformation but a blueprint for cultivating financial acumen. We delve into Andrea’s personal narrative, shaped by her father’s construction legacy, and discover how her entrepreneurial acumen is addressing the pressing need for cost-effective housing, while also nurturing the roots of financial literacy in her children and through her ‘Raise Millionaires’ project. Prepare to be inspired by this powerhouse who’s not just reshaping the skyline but also the financial future of generations to come.

Who is Andrea?

Andrea started a business back in 2007 with a $2,000 credit card limit. She grew it to annual sales of half-a-million and sold it in 2022. She also worked as a “turn-around” business consultant helping small business owners improve their sales, operations and finance. Aside from the projects listed here, Andrea and Axel have done single-family flips, renovations on residential and commercial buildings, bought and sold a single family rental portfolio and even “house hacked” before their oldest was born. Andrea also worked on a 92-unit townhome development when she was right out of college!

About Andrea

Three unique facts that highlight Andrea's background and expertise.

Andrea's Challenge

Discusses a specific problem Andrea is actively working to resolve.

Hotel Conversion Insight

Introduction to Andrea's niche in the hotel conversion business.

Selection Process

Details on how Andrea identifies suitable hotels for conversion projects.

Investment Strategy

Insights into Andrea's innovative approaches to investing outside of traditional stocks.

Quick Q&A

A rapid-fire session with Andrea answering key questions.

Connect with Madhavi

How to connect with Andrea

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