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From the First Lady of Lending: Understanding Real Estate Loan Structure w/ Julie Anne Peterson
In this episode, we have a special guest, fondly known as First Lady of Lending, Julie Anne Peterson, the Senior Director of Old Capital, will share invaluable insights about real estate lending. Whether you’re a seasoned syndicator or a first-time passive investor, learn what you should know about the loan on commercial real estate properties like multifamily. Learn what lenders look for so you can ask the right questions.

By the end of this episode, you will have a comprehensive understanding of commercial real estate lending, how it works, and the essential factors lenders consider before providing a loan. Julie Anne’s expertise will help you understand and navigate the current market situation from lending terms and help you understand whether multifamily is still the right asset class to invest in. Tune in to learn directly from Julie Anne.

Who is Julie Anne?

Julie Peterson serves as a Senior Director for Old Capital. She is responsible for raising both debt and equity capital for commercial real estate projects throughout the nation. With 30 years of real estate transaction experience, Julie does not just source funds; she consults with her clients to help solve their immediate needs. She works with all types of income-producing real estate and at all levels of the “capital stack.” Her clients are real estate entrepreneurs who depend on the many relationships they establish, and the relationship with their capital provider is no different. Transaction volume translates into knowledge. With knowledge comes certainty. Old Capital consistently ranks as one of the top-producing financial intermediaries in the nation, so your transaction benefits from the experience gained only through closing a substantial number of complex assignments. She allows you to leverage her knowledge into your business plan, along with providing a high degree of closing certainty. Her only objective is to secure the best possible financing solution at the lowest cost of capital.

Julie is the ‘lender of choice’ to many new real estate entrepreneurs. She has a passion for your success!

Julie Anne Peterson

Provides insights into the fundamentals of loans for commercial real estate, particularly multifamily properties, which is crucial for both seasoned syndicators and first-time passive investors.

Key Learning Points

Explanation of what lenders assess in commercial real estate deals.

Overview of the loan process at Old Capital, highlighting how it caters to the specific needs of multifamily investments.

Discussion on the differences between single-family and multifamily lending, outlining the unique challenges and requirements of each.

Essential Loan Requirements

Details four critical elements needed to secure an agency loan, which are vital for potential investors to understand and prepare for.

Market Analysis and Investment Viability

Evaluate the current market situation and the continued viability of investing in multifamily real estate, offering a timely analysis of sector trends.

Julie’s Investment Philosophy

Shares how Julie Anne thinks outside traditional stock investments to include diverse asset classes like real estate in investment portfolios.

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