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Geek Out on Syndicated Finances: Rob Beardsley's Take on Loans and High Interest
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This episode, Rob Beardsley, from Lone Star Capital, is going to give you so much wisdom about how loans are structured in syndicated real estate investments: who gets paid first when you, as a passive investor, get paid? Also, learn what the fees are and how partnership splits work for passive investors.

Start learning the numbers behind Syndicated Real Estate so you can ask the right questions to the syndicated team and do your due diligence. Syndicated real estate is just not about using leverage of loans from lenders but leveraging sponsor expertise, too.

Learn how to thrive amidst the tumultuous waves of the real estate market with our expert, Rob. With his rich experience in underwriting and capital structure, Rob throws light on key strategies like retaining capital, long-term property holding, and leveraging fixed-rate debt for maximum protection during downturns. Let’s dissect the potential impacts on cap rates and net operating income in multifamily syndicated real estate.

Who is Rob?

Rob Beardsley oversees acquisitions and capital markets for Lone Star Capital and has acquired over $350M of multifamily properties. He has evaluated thousands of opportunities using proprietary underwriting models and published the number one book on multifamily underwriting, The Definitive Guide to Underwriting Multifamily Acquisitions. He has written over 50 articles about underwriting, deal structures, and capital markets and hosts the Capital Spotlight podcast, which is focused on interviewing institutional investors.


Exploration of multifamily/apartment value-add opportunities in real estate investments. How Debt is structures, what is capita; stack and why should Passive investors care about it.

Understanding Debt structure and Capital Stack.

Fixed-Rate Cap Considerations

Overview of the importance and impact of fixed-rate caps on loans.

Capital Stock Positioning

Insights into where investors should position themselves with capital stock.

Mezzanine Debt

Explanation of mezzanine debt and its role in real estate financing.

Waterfall Structure Explained

Detailed breakdown of what a waterfall payment structure is in syndicated deals.

Multi-Class Deal Structures

Discussion on managing and structuring multi-class investment deals.

Advice for Passive Investors

Three critical tips for passive investors to consider.

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