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Wealth: Merge Infinite Banking with Passive Real Estate! Ideal for skilled immigrants aiming for generational wealth. Turn savings into a legacy.


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Accelerate Your Wealth Secure and Grow Your Money

You're set to make your money work harder for you now, safeguarding it tax-free in a whole life insurance policy.

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Accelerate Your Wealth Secure and Grow Your Money

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Understanding the Essence of Wealth

The Wealthy Leverage Simple Strategies. Instead of Lengthy Work Hours or Increased Risks, They Utilize a 200-Year-Old Strategy. Embrace Infinite Banking for Lasting Wealth Preservation and Growth.

Why Invest in Syndicated Real Estate?

Risk Managed

Backed by Real Asset, Historically Recession Resistant

True Diversification

Invest Outside the Stocks, Multifamily, Storage, Industrial etc

Tax Smart

Reduce your Tax Liability, Keep more Money in your Pocket!

High Growth

Historic Annual Growth ~13% in Real Estate Vs ~7% Stocks

Completely Passive

Sit Back and Enjoy your Passive Cashflow On Autopilot!

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Why Think Outside the Stocks? Our Three-Step Approach


Increase your Cash Flow

To help you replace your W2 Income


Reduce your Tax Liability

To help you keep more Money in your Pocket


Increase your Net Worth

To help you achieve Equity growth at Exit

Take Back Control

If you’ve ever felt the urge to achieve greater things, to secure a better future for yourself and your loved ones, then you understand the potential for making a significant impact in the world.

You aspire for more in every aspect of life—family, retirement, lifestyle, real estate, business, and legacy—and now is the moment to unveil the strategies of the wealthy and unlock greater financial abundance.

Genuine financial empowerment isn’t readily available; it’s discovered through dedication. If you want to know more, talk to Madhavi. Madhavi is extremely passionate about educating and growing with the community by sharing investment knowledge with busy professionals who have been working hard balancing their work and personal family life, just like she did, and wants to help them make their money work hard for them instead.

Feeling stuck on an upcycle as well as the
down cycle of the Stock Market?

It's hard to TIME the Exit no matter what! Your hard-earned money does not deserve a knee-jerking ride on a wall street roller coaster.

Think of us! Think Outside the Stocks!

Think Outside the Stocks is a commercial real estate focused private investment firm, based in Austin, Texas. We focus on helping first generation immigrants, tech employees and doctors like you, to create multiple streams of passive income and to break out of the barrier. So you can move away from financial responsibility, towards the life of purpose and passion.

How it works?

Your 4 Step Roadmap To Get Off The Wall Street Roller Coaster & Move Closer To Your Financial Freedom!


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