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How To Make Your LAZY Money In The BANK Work Hard For You By Creating Your Own Bank Using Infinite Banking System
Infinite Banking is an out-of-the-box strategy, that you may have never heard of or understood completely.

The goal of Infinite Banking is to use magic of compounding in your “savings” that are otherwise stagnant in a banking system. Instead you can create your own banking system, as a source of liquidity and financing that is separate from traditional banks and financial institutions.

Unless we understand our problems, it’s difficult to understand the solution. In Part 1 of this segment, I talk about the different problem areas when it comes to generational wealth. Is it growing or depleting? Is it truly safe and secure in the bank, or does it get easily affected by the banking system’s volatility and fluctuating interest rates? How about the tax leakages? Have you thought of exposure and asset protection? Are the limitations of contributions, access on tax-deferred qualified or educational plans helping you or harming you? Join me to ask yourself some thought provoking questions.

In the next episode, I will continue talking about how Infinite banking system can create a tax-smart vehicle, to harness uninterrupted compounding year after year, help you with your goals from investments, educational expense to retirement and finally pass generational wealth.

Let’s start building a solid foundation that has certainty Vs volatility. Let’s start thinking about growing, preserving, protecting and passing generational wealth, while utilizing it during our lifetime, with Infinite Banking

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Infinite Banking Concept

This episode introduces an innovative financial strategy known as Infinite Banking, which is designed to make your savings work harder for you through the power of compounding, rather than remaining stagnant in traditional banking systems. With your own banking system that is self-managed acts as a source of liquidity and can be used for different golas such as savings, emergency funds, investments, education, retirement income, and more , The episode first lays the foundation by discussing the out-the-box perspective of problems in your current savings strategy beyond just scratching the surface:

True Tax leakage (elaborate)

Problems Using Traditional l Banking System

Questions the security and safety of money in conventional banks, considering the impact of volatility, fluctuating interest rates, and tax leakages.

Problems with Generational Wealth Retention

Discusses issues related to the growth or depletion of generational wealth due to the impact of family succession.

Asset Protection and Exposure

Explores concerns about asset exposure and the effectiveness of asset protection strategies within traditional banking and financial structures.

Contributions and Access Limitations

Critiques the limitations imposed on contributions and access to tax-deferred qualified or educational plans, and how these may affect financial growth and security.

Invitation to Reflect

Finally Madhavi invites viewers to ponder thought-provoking questions about their financial strategies and the potential benefits of adopting the Infinite Banking concept.

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