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The Power Of Combining Infinite Banking And Real Estate Syndication
Do you want to learn how to use Infinite banking as an AND asset for investing as well as a college education with a live example?

In this episode of Think Outside The Stocks, I want to share my personal journey and strategy for implementing real estate syndications, passive investments, and the Infinite Banking strategy. I’ve gone through a transformation from being a passive investor to actively incorporating these strategies into my financial structure.

When I first started my investment journey, I began with rental real estate. However, I faced some challenges and felt that there had to be a more passive investment option out there. That’s when I decided to explore syndicated real estate. I stumbled upon the concept of Infinite banking, and I immediately saw the potential it had for creating a structured financial strategy. Initially, I was skeptical about the idea of using life insurance in this way. I evaluated and realized its merits before I implemented it. I believed in it so much that I made it my mission to educate others and help them implement it in a customizable way.

Providing education first became a top priority for me, in this episode I continue the listener’s journey to illustrate how I have put Infinite Banking and Syndicated real estate strategies together to use in my family’s financial structure. I also explain how I harness the growth of expenses and use Infinite Banking for college education while investing the same dollar, a true AND asset. Instead of directly paying for my daughter’s college tuition,

I want to emphasize that my strategy is not investment advice. It’s simply an example of how I personally implemented these concepts in my financial structure. I encourage all the listeners to consult with their own advisors to tailor these strategies to their own financial goals and circumstances. Each individual’s situation is unique, and it’s essential to make decisions that align with your specific needs and aspirations.

Think Outside The Stocks brings you industry experts and guests to share their knowledge and expertise. To invest with them directly, please do your own thorough partner and investment due diligence.

Introduction to Combined Strategies

Discusses the integration of Infinite Banking and real estate syndication as powerful tools for personal finance and investment, emphasizing the host's personal application of these strategies.

Personal Investment Journey

Shares the host's transition from being a passive investor in rental real estate to exploring more passive options like real estate syndication, leading to the discovery of Infinite Banking.

Discovery and Implementation of Infinite Banking

Details the initial skepticism and subsequent realization of the benefits of using life insurance as a financial tool, culminating in the host's decision to educate others on this strategy.

Educational Focus

Highlights the importance of providing education on these financial strategies, aiming to guide listeners through the process of incorporating them into their financial plans.

Real-Life Application

Explains how the host uses Infinite Banking in conjunction with investing in real estate syndication, and for financing his daughter's college education through the same financial structures.

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