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EP 12: Veena Jetti - "Best Ever" Conversation with A Woman Powerhouse Managing Close To A $1B

Part 1

How do people start in real estate?

Simple – just take action on your dreams to find financial freedom through your investments. Today we speak with the Founding Partner of Vive Funds, Veena Jetti.

Veena shares how she started in real estate and how it led her to start her own investment company. She also shares tips on how to start investing and what to look for to find a trustworthy sponsor.

Who is Veena?

Veena Jetti is the Founding Partner of Vive Funds, a unique commercial real estate firm that specializes in curating conservative opportunities for investors. She has over a decade of real estate experience, including overseeing the management of $1B+ in real estate assets.

Her expertise includes driving corporate growth strategy, asset management, and business development derived from working for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Veena is also a Forbes Council member.

Her background includes acquisition, syndication, and growth strategy for multifamily assets. She is often a panelist and speaker at various global conferences and radio shows. Veena is also a founder and past board member of a national non-profit organization. In 2017, she spent a lot of her time and focus on aiding the victims of Hurricane Harvey through coordinating emergency dispatch and rescue calls.

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