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EP 10: Women in Investing Movement: Just say YES! - with Catherine Bell

So excited to release this episode on Women’s Day with one of the real estate world’s women powerhouse. In this episode, Madhavi converses with Catherine Bell about her journey into the real estate world, discusses the value of money and how it helps influence the world, and talks about a woman’s role and how she can fulfill herself in business.

Overview of Topics Covered

I. Fascinating facts about Catherine

  • Background and History
  • Career Overview and Achievements
  • Personal Inspirations and Motivations

II. Importance and Influence of Money

  • Catherine’s Views on the Role of Money
  • Influence of Money in Decision-Making
  • Impact of Financial Literacy and Empowerment

III. Real Estate Journey

  • Introduction to Real Estate Investments
  • How Catherine Got Started in Real Estate
  • Challenges and Lessons Learned
  • Success Stories and Key Takeaways

IV. Guidance for Women

  • Empowering Women in the Investment Sector
  • Overcoming Challenges Faced by Women in Investing
  • Practical Advice and Strategies for Women Investors

V. Ways to Help Children in the Foster Care System

  • Catherine’s Experience and Involvement with Foster Care
  • Opportunities for Impact and Support
  • Addressing the Needs and Challenges in Foster Care

VI. Thinking Outside the Stocks

  • Diversification Beyond Traditional Investments
  • Innovations and Opportunities in the Investment Landscape
  • Catherine’s Insights on Alternative Investments

VII. Rapid Fire Round

  • Quick, Insightful Questions and Answers
  • Light-hearted and Informative


Catherine has mentored thousands of people in North America. As a Radio Show Host, Founder, CEO, and Managing Director of a Real Estate Investment Hedge Fund, an owner of an Investment bank, a Buy & Hold investor, an Airbnb investor, a Fix & Flip investor, a Builder/Developer, a Mobile Home Park Investor, and a Private Money Lender she has successfully completed hundreds of investment deals with her “raving fans” (aka investors).

She is best known as a coach who creates systems and structures that lead teams to more profitable outcomes by shortening timelines and adding commas to bank accounts.

Catherine is the founder of the nonprofit Bell Community Empowerment Foundation. Her lifelong mission is to educate, empower and inspire families to adopt all children in the foster care system. She is the mother of two teenagers who were adopted from foster care and considers it the most rewarding aspect of her life.

Connect with Catherine here: