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You don’t need Millions to invest in Multi-million worth Real Estate!
Think Outside The Stocks
Now that you have an idea about rental real estate, whether it’s right for you, and the advantages and risks, it’s time to talk about completely passive investments in commercial real estate like the apartment complex around you. Do you really need millions in order to start investing in these commercial real estate investments?

In this episode, we will talk about

1. Real Estate Syndication: the key to unlocking this passive income strategy;
2. The roles within the syndication,
3. How syndications are created,
4. Where YOU, the passive investor, comes in. We know, it’s starting to get interesting, right? Make sure you tune for the last module of this series in episode 8.

This short course will be combined in episodes 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8

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This podcast is for pure education and information purposes only, not an investment opportunity or financial advice. Should you wish to participate in one of our guests directly, please do your own due diligence and consult your tax, legal or financial advisor team as needed

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Episode Focus

Dive into the world of real estate syndication as a passive income strategy, unlocking potential benefits for investors.

Understanding Real Estate Syndication

Learn what real estate syndication is and how it can serve as a key to generating passive income through property investment without the need for direct management.

Roles Within Syndication

Overview of Key Roles: Discover the various roles involved in a syndication, including the syndicator (sponsor) and passive investors, and understand the responsibilities and rewards of each.

Creation of Syndications

how real estate syndications are structured and created, from the gathering of investors to the acquisition of properties.

Your Role as a Passive Investor

Explore where you fit into the syndication process, focusing on the advantages of being a passive investor, including minimized personal involvement and diversified investment opportunities.

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