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5 Ways to earn extra $$$ with Infinity

Have you heard about the Infinite Banking System?

Most haven’t, that’s because for the longest period this tool stayed in the Top 1% of America’s toolbox.

Infinite Banking  is an out-of-box strategy that has been used by the wealthy of America like Rockefellers, Walt Disney, and more for hundreds of years.

There are multiple reasons why YOU should know about this system and how to effectively use it.

We all use SAVINGs accounts with banks, for many reasons (listed below), this money becomes LAZY or STAGNANT even if we don’t want to.

We are going to talk about Top FIVE reasons how you can harness the power over this LAZY money and turn it into a completely passive efficient machine that can be used as your own personal savings account, just like a bank!

Continue reading to find more and learn ways to earn extra money using Infinite Banking System.

  1. Extra Growth by NOT using the Bank for Saving your money
  2. SAVE on taxes with Tax-Free Growth
  3. SAVE by avoiding Loss – using a system that has never lost money
  4. Growth using uninterrupted compound interest – the 8th wonder of the world
  5. Invest the same $$$ at TWO different places, at the SAME time

1. Extra growth by NOT using the Bank for Saving your money

When using a bank account for SAVINGs the question is- Are you losing your money? The FDIC-insured bank account provides you a false preservation feeling. 

Let’s do the simple math.

Current interest < 1%

Taxes on interest > 28%

Inflation > 3%

Effectively, your SAVINGs account is losing VALUE of the Money at the rate of -3%+ every year. 

Now with Infinite Banking System, the mutual companies have 150+ years of dividend-providing history. In 2020, even during the COVID pandemic, few of these companies provided dividends in the range of 5% to 6%.

The strategy of growing your money at a better rate than the bank will help your stagnant money losing value every year in the bank, achieving more efficient growth.

2. SAVE on taxes with Tax-Free Growth

If I were to say “Not losing your money is growing your Money”, would you agree? Well, let me explain! Let’s talk about taxes, when you lose money to pay for taxes, you also lose the future growth of that money. By stopping the leakage via taxes, you can harness that lost growth in addition to saving taxes.

One of the biggest advantages of the Infinite Banking System is its tax-free growth.

The dividends inside Infinite Banking System accumulate tax-free  In addition, it provides you additional growth on the money (equivalent to your tax bracket) that you could have lost to taxes.

While it grows completely tax-free, you can strategically draw distributions tax-free as well, using leverage strategy, so you can have tax-free distributions during your lifetime and due to the provision to pass a tax-free legacy to successors, you can keep it tax-free after you are done using as well. This enables you to take this money out of the IRS’s tax radar and never pay taxes on the growth.

3. SAVE by avoiding Loss – using a system that has never lost money

Let me ask you, have you ever lost your money while investing? 

The answer 99% of the time would be Yes!

Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1. ~Warren Buffett

We all know the famous Warren Buffet quote, but is it truly possible when you are growing wealth.

There is some level of risk associated with all money investment growth methods, but the Infinite Banking System is one completely risk-free system.

This system has never lost any value during the toughest recessions, even the Great Depression. The mutual companies have provided dividends consistently year after year. 

Besides, the minimum dividends written in the contracts of these mutual companies is currently at 4%, so even during the worst time, your money can take advantage of this guaranteed growth and does not lose  value in its lifetime.

By the nature of this system, the legacy money is also guaranteed even after your death, no matter when you die, making it a full proof system that shall never lose your money.

This system allows you to earn guaranteed growth via dividends while you’re still alive and pass guaranteed legacy wealth after you die, no matter when the death occurs. This consistent year after year growth without losing money in ANY year helps you build wealth without ever losing it.

4. Growth using uninterrupted compound interest – the 8th wonder of the world

“Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it; he who doesn’t pay it.” Albert Einstein 

It’s so true, with true compound interest; the cash value in your Infinite Banking System grows. The “True” here in this sentence means that cash value is growing without any interruptions, year after year. 

Imagine in terms of a snowball, the interest of one year is added as a principal on the next year, which keeps rolling year after year and soon provides you exponential growth. 

The strategy behind this growth is:

  1. Let it grow compounded tax-free till the day you die, without interruption.
  2. If you need money during your lifetime, withdraw tax-free till your basis is reached, access the rest via leverage/loan.
  3. Even when you are borrowing against the cash value in your policy, the cash value will continue to grow uninterrupted in your policy. 
  4. Pass on tax-free compounded growth to your heirs after you pass away.

You can use the Compounded Interest miracle to your advantage, and achieve exponential growth using the Infinite Banking system.

5.Invest the Same $$$ At TWO Different Places, At The SAME Time

Do you know how banks work?

They use the power of leverage!

When one individual deposits the money in an account, the bank provides them the nominal interest of less than 1% and lend the same money to someone else at a much higher rate, making 700%+ profit on an average.

You can use the same principle, and be in control of your own money instead of the bank. You can become your own banker and grow the same $$$ at TWO different places.

1. Create an Infinite Banking System with consistent compounded growth

2. When you need money for the expense (education, retirement income, etc) or an investment, use leverage/take a loan on your own money

3. Pay the interest-only or interest+principal on your loan as you prefer till you want to use it

4. Your money inside Infinite Banking was never retrieved, so can still earn interest

5. Harness the growth on the investment outside where you used this money

6. You can repeat this process as many times as you want!


Infinite Banking is a very powerful method available, which stayed in the uber-rich circle of America for hundreds of years. Busy professional and business owners like you can see to protect, grow, and utilize the money to maximize your wealth. The beauty of the Infinite Banking System is that you can achieve efficient growth for your stagnant money in getting to the SAVINGs account, into a place where it can grow guaranteed, tax-free, where you can contribute without any limit while providing you complete control and liquidity.

In addition to preservation of your wealth, retirement income stream, education alternative, and many more implementation strategies, Infinite Banking can help you to be in charge of your money by being your own BANK ” as well as pass your legacy  tax-free to create generational wealth.

If you want to learn in detail about earning more money using Infinite Banking System, reach out to us. We will help you get there!