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5 Ways to earn extra $$$ with Infinity Banking System

Have you heard about the Infinity Banking System? Most haven’t, that’s because for the longest period this tool stayed in the Top 1% of America’s toolbox. Infinity Banking  is an out-of-box strategy that has been used by the wealthy of America like Rockefellers, Walt Disney, and more for hundreds

Qualified Opportunity Zone vs. 1031 Exchange

Whether selling stocks, real estate, or a business, capital gain taxes is a looming concern for many investors. Today we will discuss two ways the US Tax code provides to avoid or eliminate the capital gain taxes legally, i.e., Opportunity Zone and 1031 Exchange. Section 1031 exchanges, also known

REITs Vs Syndicated Real Estate Investments

“90% of all millionaires become so through Real Estate” – Andrew Carnegie When thinking about diversifying outside of the stock market in alternate investments, Real Estate is typically the first choice. Many investors are however are overwhelmed by the hassle of finding and maintaining a Real Estate asset. REITs

ZERO Taxes: Myth or Reality?

We hear about the wealthy of America paying low or ZERO taxes. Is it a myth, or does it really happen? If it is in fact a truth, how does it even happen? It is almost the time of the year when people will start consolidating last year’s earnings