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How to Set Up an Infinite Banking System

The Infinite banking system is a wealth strategy that utilizes dividend-paying whole-life insurance as an alternative to saving and borrowing with a traditional bank. While there are several benefits to using a whole life insurance policy as your private bank, perhaps the two biggest draws are its tax advantages

America, A Nation of Renters

A Data-Driven Analysis. The rising price of real estate all over the country is one of the biggest challenges to buying a house in the current economic climate. In 2022, rate hikes by the Feds and fear of Recession have made buyers even more scared or unable to buy


Protecting your Privacy and Assets

SOCIAL MONETARY TRANSPARENCY Many individuals go to great lengths to secure their assets. Whether it be hiring an attorney or setting up an account, people are anxious to ensure they’re protected. It’s a matter of fact that we live in a litigious society, and if by chance you get


Life Insurance for Estate Planning

Considering life insurance for estate planning? Smart move! The right type of life insurance can provide substantial benefits to your heirs, help protect your business, and guarantee your legacy. In addition to a will, insurance policies—particularly those purchased through a trust—are one of the most secure financial tools to


The Life Insurance Loan

One of the significant benefits of the Perpetual Wealth Strategy is the life insurance loan. We get questions about this component daily – both before and after clients begin their life policy–and it’s easy to see why. Our clients range from wealthy business owners and investors to those just