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America, A Nation of Renters

A Data-Driven Analysis. The rising price of real estate all over the country is one of the biggest challenges to buying a house in the current economic climate. In 2022, rate hikes by the Feds and fear of Recession have made buyers even more scared or unable to buy

Can the 2023 Recession be a Soft Landing?

After a decade of steady economic growth, the world is once again facing the possibility of a recession in 2023. Although the exact cause of this downturn is still unknown, many experts point to several factors contributing to the current economic climate. Despite these challenges, many analysts believe this

REITs Vs Syndicated Real Estate

REITs Vs Syndicated Real Estate Investments

“90% of all millionaires become so through Real Estate” – Andrew Carnegie When thinking about diversifying outside of the stock market in alternate investments, Real Estate is typically the first choice. Many investors are however are overwhelmed by the hassle of finding and maintaining a Real Estate asset. REITs