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Protecting your privacy and assets

SOCIAL MONETARY TRANSPARENCY Many individuals go to great lengths to secure their assets. Whether it be hiring an attorney or setting up an account, people are anxious to ensure they’re protected. It’s a matter of fact that we live in a litigious society, and if by chance you get

How to create a Banking System for your Children

THE MOST VALUABLE BENEFIT OF LIFE INSURANCE FOR CHILDREN “Just use the debit card,” my daughter Meghan said to my wife. Like every kid, my children weren’t born understanding the concept of money. To them, you swipe a card here and you swipe a card there and stuff becomes

Life Insurance for Estate Planning

Considering life insurance for estate planning? Smart move! The right type of life insurance can provide substantial benefits to your heirs, help protect your business, and guarantee your legacy. In addition to a will, insurance policies—particularly those purchased through a trust—are one of the most secure financial tools to

Issue 1: The Life Insurance Loan

Welcome to The Donohoe Bulletin A Letter from Patrick Donohoe, CEO After more than 10 years of advising clients on the Perpetual Wealth Strategy, there’s one thing we continue to hear more than anything else: “I want to know more.” This financial path is out of the mainstream. It

What is the Cash Value of whole life insurance?

Whole life insurance policies have a unique feature that makes them ideal vehicles for growing and protecting wealth—cash value. But how does cash value work? How does it grow? How do you access your money and what are the tax implications? Let’s break it down. What is the Cash

Universal Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance?

Universal life insurance and whole life insurance are both appealing options for individuals interested in using permanent life insurance as a way to grow wealth they can use while they’re living, while still providing their loved ones with financial security after they’re gone. But which one is right for

Indexed Universal Life Insurance: Risk vs. Reward

Indexed universal life (IUL) insurance combines the death benefit of a life insurance policy with the cash value of an asset and the investment options of an index—plus flexible premiums—all into one product. IUL policies are sold as financial multi-tools with an array of benefits. But before you decide

What Is Whole Life Insurance and Do I Need It?

When people think of life insurance, they initially think of the death benefit—an insurance policy only pays out if you die, right? But whole life insurance offers living benefits too. For more than one hundred years individuals have used whole life insurance as a method to grow and preserve